It is important to remember that the most substantial, meaningful and honest cultural rituals >>forms and esthetics<< come from places other than where they are constantly telling us we will find them.

In music, the experience of aggressiveness and surprise, the hymns to the forbidden, the raw and vulgar pleasures of sex and drugs, often channel not only frustration and a fear of life, but larger, more-difficult-to-pin-down-things. We understand what's gotten into Lovecraft's Erich Zann as "he was trying to make a noise; to ward something off or drown something out--what, I could not image, awesome though I felt it must be."

That’s why noise, pain and sound, produced in the lands that art forgot >>Miami and Puerto Rico<< and presented unadorned, are the forecast--a forecast in which the very idea of the future isn't guaranteed. No guitars sticking out to the crowd, no pelvic strum, no fashionable pretty people -- just the experience of busted eardrums.